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Made a video

Hey, I'd like to try this out, but I am on Linux and unfortunately unable to run it through wine. Since it's written with unity, any chance you could debug this a bit or even provide a native Linux version?

Hi Xerus.

Sorry for the inconvenience. A Linux version is possible but not currently planned during our early access phase.

We use some assets that we are not sure will work outside of Windows and can therefore not easily convert to Linux.

In the future, we would like to expand to more platforms, which would mean it would probably be easier to make a Linux port after that.

We would like to take a look at your specific problem. Is it possible for you to DM us on our Facebook, Twitter or Discord?

Yes, I'll hop onto Discord ;)


This may already have been reported, but a quick search yielded no results.
I have noticed a bug with the elevator.

When i pull the lever to send the elevator down, it glitches down instead of smoothly going down. If a player is standing on the elevator, the player is sent down along with the elevator. It becomes impossible to step onto the elevator platform, and operating the lever just repeats the glitchy animation but does not fix anything. If a player is in the mines/dungeon, he is stuck there.

Exiting to main menu and starting the game again fixes the issue but only for the first day of the 'second' session.

Observed in local coop, using two controllers.
Version 1.10.0

I hope this provides enough information.


Thank you for reporting this bug. We've already noticed the bug, but unfortunatelly we have some difficulty consistently triggering it. Are you able to consistently reproduce the bug? If so; which steps do you take?

- Bo

I'm happy to announce that this issue should hopefully be fixed in the new release V1.11!

If that turns out not to be the case, please feel free to reach out to us again.

Hi! Any plans for steam? Lovely game! I work for a publisher and were interested in helping you publish to Steam. If you are interested in working with us let me know! My email is



A Steam release is planned and in the works for now. Whether or not we want a publisher for the game isn't clear yet, as it's not something we've discussed before. I'll bring it up in our next meeting and send you a reply via email when we come to a conclusion.
Thank you for the interest - have a nice day!

- Bo Nyby

Hi Bo,

Sounds great. Looking forward to your email.



An email has been sent in your direction, and will arrive shortly (if I sent it to the correct email)


After playing your new update (v.1.10.0) I have some ideas for improvement:

An option to mute the background music, but still keep the sound effects on

In my last post I mentioned a problem with the hitbox of the sheep when using the bag. This is still the case, but only when the sheep is eating. As soon as it lift its head, I can retrieve the wool without problems (I don't know if this is intentional, but now you know).

I haven't tried online mode yet, but it's a very cool feature! The change to resource farming is a clever choice as well, it removes the spamming element of the game. 

Keep it up guys! 

I had some friends play the game, and they enjoyed it too

Thanks so much for the feedback - I'm happy you and your friends like the game and the changes we've made!

We'll definitely look at your points and implement updates as necessary :-)


Very small bugs discovered: 

- The wool is sometimes stuck under the head of the sheep (hitbox is blocking)

- Steelbar got stuck underneath the sorting machine and was unable to retrieve

Thanks for a good experience, would definitely recommend to others :) 

(Godt arbejde gutter)


Thank you for the bug report! We will change it in an upcoming update.

Glad you liked it! Look forward to our new update coming soon!
(Vi takker for komplimenterne!)


Last video for now

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A kind of tutorial would be appreciated. There's a lot to do in the game, which is cool, but very overwhelming.

Side note: I wanted to play this game alone, but it's 2-player only, maybe the game could include a choice between 1-player & 2-player in the future.


Which part(s) of the game do you find difficult? A tutorial is due in the future, but right now we only have a write-up/tutorial for the crafting (it includes all of the recipes) which you can find here:

A 1-player mode has been debated several times and it's unfortunately not going to be a reality in the foreseeable future - if ever. The reason being that the game is designed solely with 2 players in mind, and you lose a lot of the core experience we're going for if you play it alone - but who knows what the future brings! 


Made a video with some progress


Any way to make this online MP?


Nothing is confirmed yet, but let's just say that one of our Wizards is experimenting with a long-distance communication spell ;-)


Made the video


Nice game, congrats! 

A bug found: When i played and return to the main screen, i can't play again, click on play and nothing happens.


Glad you like it!

It's a known bug we thought we had eliminated. We will fix it as soon as possible! Thank you!


I could not recreate the bug. Did you have another instance of the game running at the same time?


when i try to launch it always says theres a error



Can you elaborate on the error? Do you recieve an error message?


Made a video


Thank you for playing our game! We have found a fix for the bug causing a white screen, and will be fixing it in a minor update within 24 hours.