Making Progress - Patch Notes

What's new


  • Added basic save functionality
    • Your progression (gold and upgrades) is now automatically saved between sessions. More to come in the future.
  • Added upgrade menu
  • Added unlockable milestones
  • Added unlockable recipes
  • Added dynamic difficulty curve based on player progression
    • Modifies length of day
    • Modifies customer flow


  • Added auto pick-up functionality to sack 
    • An item is sacked by walking over it with the sack equipped
  • Boosted the intelligence of customers
    • They now only ask for unlocked items
  • Added new resource: Wool
  • Added new crafting station: Workbench
  • Added new recipes
    • Workbench
      • Bow
      • Hat
      • Fishing pole
      • Pitchfork
    • Anvil*
      • Pendant
      • Belt
      • Spear
  • The elevator and the dungeon are now only available in the full version of the game


  • Added sheep animations


  • Added camera animation to upgrade menu 


  • Fixed various animations 

Minor Update 1.8.1

  • Added VFX to Work Bench
  • Updated wood stockpile sprites
  • Fixed item visuals on pickup
    • Icons no longer show up through the player's back
  • Fixed icon overlapping when crafting
  • Fixed rogue UI elements in upgrade menu
  • Fixed staff bloom
    • You will no longer experience nuclear aftermath

*The anvil and these recipes are only available in the full version of the game


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Oct 26, 2018

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