Online Multiplayer - Patch Notes

What's new

A write-up of the the major changes can be found in the complete devlog here

[Online Multiplayer]

  • Online multiplayer is now available in EpicShop!
  • Players can create lobbies that another player can join
    • The host's save is used (it is not saved one the other players computer)
  • Rejoining is currently not supported, but is being implemented


  • Button popups are now dynamic
    • If a keyboard is connected, keyboard input keys are shown
    • Likewise, Xbox controller buttons are shown when a controller is connected
  • Reworked interface navigation input
    • Keyboard keymapping changed (reflected in UI)
  • Most interfaces can now be navigated with the mouse on Windows

    • Added custom cursor sprite


  • Tweaked ambient lights
  • Remastered post processing profiles


  • Tweaked upgrade prices from Elevator and beyond to improve pacing


  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018.3
    • Most new features are behind the scenes, but some may appear later


EpicShop V1.10.0 33 MB
Dec 21, 2018
EpicShop Preview V1.10.0 33 MB
Dec 21, 2018

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