Masterful Merchants - EpicShop 1.11 Devlog

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Greetings shopkeepers!

We are very excited to finally reveal to you - our lovely community - our latest major update.  

Today's update lets you and your friends experience the world of EpicShop afresh. New mechanics - player masteries, tons of quality of life improvements and a brand new environment.


Our new mastery system aims to enhance the feeling of progression; creating new ways to play the game and boosting the replayability. So far we have implemented 3 masteries - boosting the player in different aspect. These buffs are separated into several tiers - each representing a leap in effectiveness and player progression.
Gain access to them all by purchasing the full game, or try them out in the free version first.


Time to sleep

After more than a year of hard work our dear shopkeeper can finally get some well deserved rest. 

Introducing the Bedroom!

This new environment is accessed through the stairs in the back of the shop. Whenever night time enshrouds the shop in magical mystery talk to the wizard and head upstairs for a cozy and homely experience. The bedroom changes and upgrades throughout your journey in EpicShop. Remember to keep an eye out for new arrivals before you go to bed.

Are you sure?

Intertwined with the several game changing decisions throughout the day is the new confirmation feature. In this shop cooperation and consensus rules. Accept your partners decision with synergy of untold proportions, or fail to reach agreement in this harsh but egalitarian world. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

How was it again?

Finally one of our most requested features has made its way into the playable game. In EpicShop 1.11 we are additionally introducing the crafting book in all its glory. In other words a cheat sheet. 

Interacting with the book in the crafting area lets you access a guide to crafting every item you have unlocked so far. Each chapter contains recipes craftable at the corresponding workstation. In the free version these are limited to the Workbench. 

Feedback is appreciated

This update marks the 6th major content update since  last summer, and there is even more to come.  We hope you will provide us with your precious feedback - helping us adjust and improve the game for you guys to enjoy. 

We are cooking up some amazingly cool stuff in the cauldron, some of which is already receiving finishing touches. You can - and definitely should - follow the daily development, work highlights, and voice your opinion on our social media:

Twitter @EpicShopGame 


Discord Community 

So join us on this Epic(Shop) adventure and stay tuned for the content to come in the near future.

Enjoy the update!


EpicShop V 1.11.0 34 MB
Jun 14, 2019
EpicShop Preview V 1.11.0 34 MB
Jun 14, 2019

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