Craftable items and their recipes - A How-To

Hold on, why are there so many items?

With the arrival of the Progression Update, EpicShop now has a BUNCH of new items. Not even kidding, we are talking over a factor 3!

With so many items and their respective recipes, it can become quite a daunting task to remember these - especially since the game's ingame recipe book is not implemented yet. To help you, we are creating this small crafting guide with an overview of the craftable items and their recipes.

What's crafting?

To get everyone on the same page, we will quickly recap how you craft an item. When you have unlocked a crafting station (e.g. a Workbench or an Anvil), you are able to craft its associated recipes as long as you have these recipes unlocked, too. To meet customer requests, you will have to combine base resources at the crafting station to make the requested item.

Crafting stations generally function the same way, but are used to make different items. Every crafting station (so far) has three slots for crafting ingredients. When the crafting ingredients are positioned correctly on the crafting table, the combination's associated item can be crafted with the Interact button.

Tell me how to make that item!

Below, you will find an overview of all available recipes as of Version 1.8 separated by their associated crafting stations. Keep in mind that you will not be able to craft an item before its recipe is unlocked.

This page will be updated with illustrations in the future.

Workbench Items


Recipe: Wood - Wool - Wood

Fishing Pole

Recipe: Wood - Wool - Wool


Recipe: Wool - Wool - Wool


Recipe: Wood - Wood - Wood


Recipe: Wood - Wood - Crystal

Anvil Items*


Recipe: Wool - Metal - Wool


Recipe: Metal - Crystal - Metal


Recipe: Wood - Metal - Wood


Recipe: Wood - Wood - Metal


Recipe: Wood - Metal - Metal

That was crafting in a nutshell

The amount of craftable items (and maybe even the amount of crafting stations) will probable increase in the future. EpicShop is still in active development, and your feedback is needed!

How do you like the amount of recipes, how do you like the existing recipes, and what do you think crafting is missing? Tell us down below or in our Community Discord.

*: These items are only available in the paid version.

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