Masterful Merchants - Patch Notes

What's new

A write-up of the the major changes can be found in the complete devlog here

[Major features]

  • Player masteries are now purchasable in the upgrade shop!
    • Bargaining - increases gold per item when selling to customers
    • Strength - increases gathering impact
    • Swiftness -  increases player movement speed
  • New environment: Bedroom
    • Allows the players to sleep - starting the next day
    • Visually upgradable through various shop purchases
  • Confimation event
    • Whenever you are making major decisions this UI-minigame will appear to let you confirm or deny actions
  • Recipe book
    • Allows you to check every unlocked recipe


  • Added several on-screen input icons
    • Please let us know if you are having trouble navigating any of our interfaces!
  • Added gold rain animation when the day end
  • Added several fades to smooth transitions


  • Tweaked ambient and filler lights
  • Remastered post processing profiles
  • Improved and tweaked a ton of particles


  • The shop now dynamically expands when upgraded
  • Added rounded corners to the dungeon
  • Added stairs in the shop to allow access to the bedroom


  • Tweaked all earnings and prices to match the new game flow and improve pacing
  • Tweaked several event timings to allow for better flow


  • Heavily improved networking for online players


  • Fixed a ton of minor bugs
  • Tweaked various animations
  • Added SFX to several events
  • Added a few normal maps
  • Added temporary indicator to the bedroom
  • Tweaked gathering zones for the iron and crystal resources
    • Please Let us know if you think it's still too hard


EpicShop V1.10.0 33 MB
Dec 21, 2018
EpicShop Preview V1.10.0 33 MB
Dec 21, 2018

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